I love sharing me recipes!

I love sharing me recipes!


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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

little miss crafty... cork plant labels! ♥ ( and homemade pesto!)

I knew there was something I could do with all those wine corks! Here is a supercute idea to label your garden and my recipe for pesto enjoy! ♥.

What you need:wine corks
bamboo skewers
drill and drillbit about the size of your skewers
finepoint permanent marker
plant trimmer

First, write out your plant names on each cork.

Carefully drill into the bottom of each cork–make sure to drill directly into the center of the cork so you don’t drill out the side into your hand! I drilled a little over an inch deep into mine, or about the length of the corkscrew part of the bit.

If you’ll be using these for potted plants, trim the bamboo skewers to a length that will fit using a pair of plant trimmers.

Insert the end of the skewer into the hole you drilled–it should be a tight fit, so you’ll need to twist and push the cork onto the skewer so that it goes all the way in.

That’s it! Your seeds and plants are all name-tagged up and ready to go!

and as promised my homemade pesto recipe!


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  1. As someone who (ahem) has way too many wine corks, this is a brilliant idea!

  2. Homemade pesto no way!! Brilliant!!!

  3. Those wine cork labels are adorable :)
    And i love home made pesto!

  4. thanks everone! :) happy vino drinking and basil growing!

  5. what a cute idea!!! ill have to show this one to my dad :) He has a garden...and loves wine, so im sure he's got a few corks laying around