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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Kentucky Derby Recipes ♥

So excited to watch my annual Kentucky Derby coming up in May,  as some of you all know I love horses and horsebackriding..this year why not have a party at home.. here's some great ideas! ♥ 

Southern Spicy Pecans ♥

Ingredients ♥ 

1 egg white
1 pound pecan halves
1/2 cup sugar
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon nutmeg
1/4 teaspoon cloves
Preheat oven to 225 degrees.
Using a fork beat the egg whites slightly. Pour the egg whites over the nuts and stir to coat making sure that all nuts are wet.
In another bowl, mix together the rest of the ingredients then pour over the nuts and toss well.
Bake nuts on a sprayed baking sheet for 40 minutes, stirring every 15 minutes. Cool and then store in a tightly covered container. 

Cucumber Tea  Sandwiches ♥

Ingredients ♥

a bagel.  ( I use pumpernickel sandwich thins ) 
 light cream cheese ( 8 ounces) softened to room temp 
green onions 
garlic salt to taste
salt and pepper to taste
Mix cream cheese with some diced green onions and garlic salt to taste. Spread on a toasted bagel. Layer one side with thinly sliced cucumbers enjoy! ♥

And don't forget the sweets

Kentucky Bourbon Balls ♥

Ingredients ♥

1 cup of cookie crumbles 
1 cup of Pecans, chopped fine
1 cup of Confectionary Sugar plus additional for rolling
2 ½ tablespoons unsweetened powdered Cocoa
¼ cup of Kentucky Bourbon (Woodford or Makers Mark good choices)

1 ½ Tablespoons Honey

Directions ♥
 In a medium sized bowl, combine cookie crumbles, pecans, confectionary sugar, and cocoa. Stir to get an even mix. (You could use a food processor)
Pour bourbon into a glass measuring cup, and whisk in honey.
 Make a “well” in the cookie mixture and gradually stir in bourbon combination until evenly moistened.
 Cover with plastic wrap and let chill for several hours or overnight.
 Spread out a generous sheet of waxed paper, and dump about ½ cup of powdered sugar in a heap.
With a teaspoon, scoop out the “candy” mixture….and roll a ball with your hands. This is a little sticky, so you may wish to wear food handler gloves.
 Roll the ball in confectionary sugar to coat and set aside. Repeat until all mixture is used.
Roll the balls a second time in sugar. If you are energetic, roll them a third time.
Store in airtight container, using waxed paper between the layers.
Depending on humidity, you may wish to roll these one more time in confectionary sugar just before serving.

Makes 33 – 36 balls
Will keep two weeks refrigerated in airtight container. These can also be frozen and will last indefinitely.

Now least but not last, mint juleps! 

Mint Julep's Recipe ♥

Ingredients ♥

2 to 3 ounces bourbon, to taste
1 teaspoon sugar, to taste, dissolved in 1 teaspoon water (or use 2 tsp. simple syrup)
8 to 10 leaves fresh mint
Mint sprigs, for garnish
 Crushed ice


Place the sugar and water at the bottom of a julep cup or tall glass and stir until sugar is dissolved (or speed the process by using simple syrup). Add the mint leaves and gently bruise with a wooden muddler or a wooden spoon. Take care not to overwork the mint, but swab the sides of the glass with the mint's aromatic oils. Half-fill the mason jar glass with crushed ice and add the bourbon, stirring to combine. Fill the julep jar glass with crushed ice and stir until the outside of the glass frosts. Add more crushed ice if needed to fill, and generously adorn the drink with sprigs of fresh mint. Serve with a short straw, so the fragrance of the mint bouquet will greet the drinker with each sip.enjoy! ♥

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