I love sharing me recipes!

I love sharing me recipes!


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Friday, April 4, 2014

Lemon Water Cleanse ♥

  So I have been having some springtime sniffles the past couple of days.  I thought I would make myself a cleanse. Here is my recipe for lemon water cleanse.
   One of the little known benefits of lemon juice is its anti-aging properties. The acid from the lemon juice contain concentrated levels of antioxidants, which help flush out toxins and free radicals from the body. The process of detoxing allows proper cell regeneration, which then manifests by way of glowing and younger looking skin. 
  Drinking fresh lemon juice with water aids in keeping the immune system alert and strong against malaldies such as common colds and the flu. Lemon juice simply brings countless health benefits, such as lowered cholesterol levels, normalized blood pressure, reduced blood sugar level, and improved blood flow. Drinking a glass of water mixed with freshly squeezed lemon juice provides a number of benefits for the body, so go ahead..drink up! ♥

Ingredients ♥

2 quarts water
Juice of one lemon
2 lemons, thinly sliced

Directions ♥

Combine all ingredients and and place in fridge for a bit to allow flavors to infuse. Once pitcher is chilled, serve and enjoy! ♥

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