I love sharing me recipes!

I love sharing me recipes!


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Monday, February 11, 2013

russian turnip soup ♥

When I was a child my Grandma Katrina used to read me russian fairytales, one of these was the "Turnip"
 I thought I would make a healthy version of russian turnip soup today! Since I was feeling under the weather with a cold ( all winter no cold, even a got a flu shot and then woke up with the sniffles!) so this should warm me up.. try it, it tastes yummy and so healthy for a cold winter night dinner!

5 medium-sized potatoes
1 large carrot
1 red paprika
1 small zucchini
1 white turnip
1 large parsley root
500 g pumpkin
100 g butter
Fresh thyme
1 fresh chili pepper
1 ½ cup croutons
Salt to taste or salt free substitute

Serves 8
Chop carrots and parsley root in circles. Chop zucchini, unpeeled, and potatoes into medium-sized pieces. Chop white turnip coarsely. Finally, chop pumpkin into large pieces and halve the paprika.
Chopping the vegetables into pieces of different sizes ensures simultaneous cooking, so you don’t need to boil each of the veggies separately.

Boil the vegetables in an amount of water just enough to cover them, seasoning with salt to your taste. Make sure you remove skin from the paprika as soon as the pepper becomes soft. Just take out the paprika, peel the skin and continue boiling it together with the other vegetables.
When the vegetables have cooked tender (the main indicator of readiness is the potatoes of course), separate vegetables from the liquid they’ve been boiling in, and blend them into a smooth, creamy paste. Stir the butter into the paste. Add the remaining liquid, making the soup as thick as you like.
Serve with warm croutons, fresh thyme and slices of red pepper. and enjoy!



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