I love sharing me recipes!

I love sharing me recipes!


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Sunday, September 11, 2011

ultimate girls football party ideas and recipes ♥,

Plan your own fantasy football league with the best of your girlfriends.
Remember the saying “If you can’t beat them, you may as well join them”? Well, why not? Not only will it give you the perfect excuse to meet up with the girls more often, it may give you something to talk about with your other half besides kids, money, and what’s for dinner.

To start the season off in style......A Fantasy Football Draft party can bring together players that are experienced, inexperienced and even clueless for some fun, friendship and laughter

There are two types of drafts to choose from, depending on your level of skill. For the girlfriends who are football pros, try the CBS Sports Fantasy Football. After the commissioner creates the league, each of the teams can draft their picks. For the rookie girlfriends, try the CBS Sports Game Pick’em. In this draft, you decide which teams will win on a particular day. The more teams you pick to win correctly the more you points get in the season.

invites....There are many types of paper invitations out there in the shape of a football.
food and drinks..

see the recipe for skinny girl margarita ..
With all the drafting your hands will most likely be busy, so be sure to keep the food at a minimum. Short and sweet is always best. Start drinks skinny girl margaritas!
Pair it with a healthy fajita bar with all the fixings.( see recipe for skinny girl football fajitas)

Some topping ideas include several different types of cheeses, shredded, guacamole dip, football salsa,veggies and low fat dips, chopped onions, fat free sour cream, and tortilla chips.

 For the sweet tooth add my recipe for football strawberries http://europeancutie.blogspot.com/2011/09/chocolate-covered-football-strawberries.html
and football whoopies! see recipe...
.for all these recipes also go to my recipe blog http://europeancutie.blogspot.com/ the food and drink recipes are posted here under football party ♥,
party favors...A football draft party truly requires no party favors. However if you must, send the girls home with a printed schedule of games to watch together; be sure to include date, time, and place in case someone else is hosting. You can easily add pictures of your group, laminate, add a magnet to the back. Voila! A picture- perfect favor.
hope these tips helped have a great girls football party! :)

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