I love sharing me recipes!

I love sharing me recipes!


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Friday, September 16, 2011

sugar free angel food cake with strawberries ♥

this is a sugar free cake recipe in honor of my mother
this weekend I am doing a walk for jdrf in honor of my mother...♥
this is in honor of my mother who passed away at age 37 from this disease, she always loved angel food cake..she will always be my angel watching form above..

Make your angel food cake from a mix. The cheaper the mix the better for you since they usually have a little less sugar. Even an already baked cake will do. Take 1 quart fresh strawberries (or any fresh fruit will do). DO NOT USE CANNED FRUITS, THEY ALL CONTAIN SYRUPS AND CERTAIN PRESERVATIVES.
Save 1/2 quart for garnish and cut the other half into small pieces. Mix with 1/3 of a 12 ounce tub of 1/3 less calorie Cool Whip. Chill.
Cut cake into top and bottom layers. Pinch out center all the way around bottom layer and fill with chilled Cool Whip/fruit mixture. Replace top of cake. Ice with the other 2/3 tub of Cool Whip and garnish with the remainder of the berries.
This cake tastes really rich but a 2-inch slice has less than 100 calories. enjoy!

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  1. Sorry to hear about your mum..must be hard for you..she was so young.I am sure she is smiling at you when she sees the angel;s cake:)