I love sharing me recipes!

I love sharing me recipes!


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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Ice Skating Party for Tweens and Healthy Winter Bento Box ♥

I am so happy to be approached again by OMGirls Magazine here is my featured article! 
Ice Skating Party for Tweens and Healthy Winter Bento Box

Do your tweens have the winter blahs? Well get them out there and get active! My step niece Lucia loves ice skating so her and her friends had an ice skating party! I also came up with cute ideas for healthy bento boxes they could take to the skating rink! ♥

Ice skating can provide a good cardiovascular workout and will help to increase your endurance and strengthen muscles. In addition to these physical benefits, ice skating can also enhance your mental fitness and self-confidence. In one article I read just recently, medical experts ranked 30 minutes of ice skating third among 12 forms of exercise based on its contribution to stamina, flexibility, muscle definition and digestion. Assuming a body weight of 150 lbs, skating at 9 mph or less, burns approximately 374 calories per hour.

So go ahead grab your girlfriend’s and get out to your nearest ice skating rink! ♥

Ingredients ♥

1 Orange (Lil Cutie’s)
2 slices Mozzarella or Swiss Cheese
1 cup Popcorn
1 tbsp Sprinkles ( Snowflakes)
2 slices Wheat bread
1 Cookie cutter circle
1 Cookie cutter snowflake

Directions ♥
It’s so easy to make your healthy winter bento box, put in fruits and veggies like oranges, grapes, then cut circles out of wheat bread, and with a snowflake shaped cookie cutter cut out cheese to resemble supercute snowflakes! Then pop up some popcorn and add snowflake sprinkles! ♥

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