I love sharing me recipes!

I love sharing me recipes!


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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Us Performing Arts Summer Camp Programs ♥

Hi everyone it's almost Memorial Day weekend and you know what that means, the unofficial start to summer! I am pleased to be partnered up with a great program Us Performing Arts Camps  And my stepniece Lucia loves these programs, they enable her to have confidence, make great friend's and just overall have fun! ( That's her in the pic! ) 

The mission of US Performing Arts Camps is to promote and develop the growth of performing artists in America. Today they have many locations across the country presenting over 25 specialty training programs in the fields of film, television, theater, dance, and other digital media. 

 For information about all of their locations you can go to the location section of their website and you will find all  current locations listed. For a quick way to identify your passion, go to the Program list to look at all the various programs  they offer in the related disciplines of Film, Television, Theater, Musical, Theater, Dance, and Digital Media. You will find every camp offered and the location.

So you ask what's included? Tuition includes:
- An intensive experiential program of at least 30-40 hours of studio work and rehearsals.
- Housing and meals, unless otherwise specified.
- Guest speakers, field trips, and screenings related to the camp.
- Round-the-clock supervision. (Campers are supervised at all times. The staff lives in the residence halls with the campers, and joins in all their evening activities.)
- A US Performing Arts T-Shirt and a Certificate of Completion.
- All camps present a "work in progress" at the Certificate Awards Presentation on the last day of camp. Parents and friends are invited!

So sign up here.. Sign up

and be sure to follow them on Facebook here Us Performing Arts Camps 

and Twitter here.. Us Performing Arts 

Be sure to also check out what she thinks about this awesome program! here on her website... http://lucialittletweendiva.blogspot.com/2014/05/us-performing-arts-camps.html

( she's such a little diva! ) ♥

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