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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Skinny Old El Paso Tex Mex Taco Dip ♥

We all know that Cinco De Mayo is Monday, here is my recipe for Skinny Tex Mex Taco Dip.
  Using my favorite sponsored brand Old El Paso. It's perfect for your festive party celebration!  ♥

Ingredients ♥
    1 16 ounce container light sour cream
    1  Old El Paso package taco seasoning
    2 16 ounce cans refried beans
    1 16 ounce jar salsa
    1/2 cup green onions, chopped
    1 large tomato, chopped
    2 cups shredded cheese
    1 4 ounce can sliced black olives
    2 cups shredded lettuce
    tortilla chips ( low carb) 

Directions ♥

Mix sour cream and taco seasoning. Chill in fridge for 30 minutes. In sauce pan, combine vegetarian refried beans and salsa. Heat on medium until evenly blended. Let cool.

Shred lettuce. Dice tomatoes, avocados, and green onions.

Take cooled beans and salsa and spread in 11x13 inch pan. Spread sour cream/taco seasoning mixture over beans. Layer the cheese, olives, lettuce, tomatoes, and green onions in that order evenly over each ingredient.

Serve your seven layer dip with with tortilla chips.enjoy! ♥

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