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Monday, February 3, 2014

Diy Fitness Smoothie Packs ♥

So it's a new year, and I have the perfect fitness tips and a diy smoothie pack recipe for a new healthy you! I have teamed up with Parade magazine and Sverve and am so excited about this featured article! here it is in Parade Magazine..just click here Strong To The Core! Workout Plan & Smoothie Recipe  ♥ 

First off you all know I love to create healthy recipe at European Cutie, but here are some tips I use every day for fitness daily to stay trim. ♥ 

Strong to the Core...
Set 1
1. Toe touches x 20   
2. Air Bike x 40
3. Plank 1 min
4. Russian Twist x 40
Set 2
1. Flutterkicks x 40
2. Buttups x 20
3. Legg lifts x 20
4. Full Body Ext. x 20
 5.Airbike x 40
Set 3
1. Lunger Twist x 20
2. Crunches x 40
3. Toe Touches x 20
4. Flutterkicks x 40
5. Buttups x 20
Set 4
1. Mt. Climbers 1 min
2. Crunches x 40
3. Toe Touches x 20
4. Russian Twists x 40
5. Plank 1 min

There you have it, do this daily and keep fit!

Now as well as exercise you should eat right too, here is my diy smoothie packs recipe!

Ingredients ♥ 

 (Basically any fruit of your choice!)
  Ziploc snack bags
  Quart size freezer bags

  Parchment paper or wax paper or aluminum foil
  Ice cube trays

Directions  ♥ 

 Slice your fruit.Basically, you just need something that'll allow the fruit to spread out flat so that it doesn't freeze in clumps, while catching the juices. I just lined my freezer shelves with parchment paper and spread the fruit out on top.
Let it freeze for at least 2 hours.Bag it all up. Stuff the fruit into the snack bags

When ready for a fitness smoothie here is my recipe...

Triple Berry Smoothie  ♥ 

 Ingredients ♥

2 cups frozen organic cranberries
2 cups frozen organic raspberries
1 cup raw pomegranate juice
2 small organic apples
Stevia (optional)
1/4 cup raw cacao powder

Directions  ♥

In a high speed blender, blend everything except the cacao powder until smooth.  Remove half the mixture, then add the cacao powder to the remaining mixture in the blender.  Blend until smooth.  Layer the cacao mixture and the plain mixture in a glass and serve!   ♥

Be sure to check out all the weekly Parade magazine Your daily destination for celebrity news, videos, entertainment, food, recipes, health tips, fitness, and games from America's most popular magazine.

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