I love sharing me recipes!

I love sharing me recipes!


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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

leap year frog jello shots! ♥

here's a supercute way to enjoy leap year what better way then making these cute frog jello shots! enjoy!

1/2 cup water
2 envelopes Knox gelatin
1/4 cup vodka


Prepare the molds with a light application of cooking spray. ( hint... you can also use soap molds from Michaels Craft stores for this project)Wipe the cavities clean with a paper towel. This will leave a very slight residue which will aid in unmolding without affecting taste or appearance.

Pour water in saucepan, sprinkle with gelatin. Allow gelatin to soak for a few minutes. Heat over very low heat until gelatin is dissolved, stirring constantly (approximately 5 minutes).  Once combined, stir in vodka.

Pour mixture into molds (or standard glass or non-reactive metal 1 lb loaf pan approximately 8” x 4” will work!). Refrigerate until fully set (several hours or overnight).

To unmold, fill a larger container or clean sink with warm water (not too hot!). With clean fingers, loosen the gelatin around the edges of the mold cavities. Next, dip the bottom of the mold into the warm water for just a few seconds (10 seconds worked for me). Dry the bottom of the mold with a towel and check the edges to see if they are loose, if not, repeat the dip for just a few more seconds. Place a nonstick cookie sheet on top of the mold and invert. The gelatin frogs should drop right out. Return the “frogs” to refrigerator until immediately before serving enjoy!

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  1. hahaha they are so funny! I've never seen jell shots like these! Awesome idea!