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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Healthy Food & Fitness at the State Fair! ♥

So Summer is in full swing and there are alot of State Fairs going on. Here are some tips for healthy foods at the fair  and healthy recipes you can create at home for a healthy choice! ♥

First off here are some healthy choices for state fair foods.

Choose things like roast chicken, gyros,( without the pita ) They have roasted corn which is healthy (skip the butter), Roasted peanuts, cheese curds(not fried)
 For dessert grab some salt water taffy, cotton candy (fat free)  or maybe a smoothie. 

Here are some healthy recipes for state fair foods you can make at home. ♥

 Skinny Mini Corn Dogs

Why not try my roasted corn recipe with a twist?

 Tex Mex Roasted Summertime Corn

Or for a supercute cocktail try my Cotton Candy Martinis

Fun Exercise at the fair! Yes this is possible!

Here are some fun activities that you can burn those calories off after eating those State Fair Foods.

1. Potato Sack Races-  Many fairs offer these it's fun and burns calories so get hoppin!

2. Dancing- this burns a ton of calories and its fun! Don't just listen to the live bands at the fair, get up and dance!

3. Walk Off Those Calories — The healthiest part of the fair is that it is spread over several miles of ground. Walk as much as possible! This way, if you see something you might like to try, you know you will be passing it again on your next lap around the park.

So remember my tips when you are out at your state fair this summer and you will be happy and healthy! ♥

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