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Friday, February 7, 2014

Post Workout Frozen Banana Bites ♥

Here is a perfect recipe after your workout..try my healthy frozen banana bites! enjoy! ♥

Ingredients ♥

5 medium ripe bananas
1 Tbsp. all natural creamy peanut butter

2 oz. non-fat vanilla Greek yogurt

Directions ♥

1. Peel one banana, mash it, and mix in a small bowl with yogurt and peanut butter.  Set aside.

2. Peel the other bananas. Slice into half-inch thick slices.

3. Smear the peanut butter/yogurt/banana mixture on half of the banana slices and make banana sandwiches by places the other half of the banana slices on top.

4. Place on a wooden cutting board or plate and freeze for at least two hours.enjoy!

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